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  Here are the week’s top stories, and a look ahead.

  1. The partial government shutdown is over — for now.

  President Trump signed a bill on Friday reopening the federal government for three weeks, but he said he was ready to renew the confrontation or to bypass Congress altogether if Republicans and Democrats didn’t agree on funds for a wall at the southern border by Feb. 15.

  The bill opened the way to paying the 800,000 federal workers who had been furloughed or had been working without pay. We talked with more than a dozen federal workers and contractors about how they survived the 35-day shutdown, and of the uncertainty they now face.

  According to Standard & Poor’s, the U.S. economy lost at least billion during the shutdown — more than the .7 billion Mr. Trump was holding out for.

  Have you been keeping up with the headlines? Test your knowledge with our news quiz. And here’s the front page of our Sunday paper, the Sunday Review from Opinion and our crossword puzzles.


  2. Roger Stone, a former political adviser to President Trump, was indicted in the special counsel’s investigation after F.B.I. agents wearing ballistic vests and brandishing guns arrested him in a predawn raid of his home in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

  The indictment states that a top Trump campaign official dispatched Mr. Stone, above, to get information from WikiLeaks about hacked Democratic emails, revealing the most direct link yet between parallel efforts by the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks to damage Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election using material stolen by Russians.

  Mr. Stone was charged with seven counts, including obstruction, making false statements and witness tampering.

  We mapped out the known interactions that Mr. Trump and at least 17 campaign officials and advisers had with Russian citizens and WikiLeaks, or their intermediaries, during the 2016 presidential campaign and transition.

  Some Republicans are recalculating Mr. Trump’s political prospects, given the deep damage he suffered from the shutdown and the possibility that the Russia investigation will grow only more painful for him.


  3. Juan Guaidó, Venezuela’s opposition leader, attended a rally Friday, above, in his first public appearance since he declared himself interim president of the country. He told supporters to maintain pressure on the authorities “if they dare to kidnap me.”

  At the same time, President Nicolás Maduro, who had been furiously describing Mr. Guaidó as the lackey of an American-backed coup plot, appeared to strike a more conciliatory approach. On Saturday, Mr. Maduro backed down from demanding that American diplomats leave the country this weekend.

  Opposition lawmakers and analysts said Mr. Maduro may sense that loyalty to him among the security forces may be slipping as support grows for Mr. Guaidó, who earned the official recognition of the United States and more than 20 other countries.

  Our interviews with current and former military officers reveal a complicated struggle within the ranks over which leader to back.


  4. The authorities in Florida released the identities on Thursday of three of the five women who were killed by a gunman at a SunTrust Bank in Sebring, above, the day before.

  The authorities said the gunman made the women lie face down on the floor before he shot them in the back of the head, and then called the police to admit what he had done.

  The suspect, Zephen A. Xaver, 21, was arrested on Wednesday and charged with five counts of first-degree premeditated murder. The police said they didn’t understand Mr. Xaver’s motive; the Sebring police chief said Mr. Xaver didn’t know the victims and had no known connection to the SunTrust branch.

  Relatives of the two other victims asked that their names be withheld from the public, the police chief said, adding that he would honor those requests under the terms of a new crime victims’ law in Florida.


  5. Record numbers of Americans understand that climate change is real and say the issue is personally important to them. Above, search teams after the Camp Fire in Paradise, Calif., last year.

  In a survey taken late last year, some 73 percent said global warming was happening — a jump of 10 percentage points from 2015 and three points since March. “I’ve never seen jumps in some of the key indicators like this,” one of the researchers said.

  Conclusive data has been accumulating, including recent studies showing unexpectedly rapid melting in Greenland and the Arctic, and far quicker ocean warming than previously understood.


  6. Action at the Supreme Court.

  The justices voted 5 to 4 on Tuesday to allow the Trump administration to bar most transgender people from serving in the military while cases challenging the policy make their way to the court. Above, Jody Davis, a transgender woman who is trying to rejoin the National Guard.

  The court also said on Tuesday that it would review a New York City gun law, its first Second Amendment case in nearly a decade.

  The justices took no action on the Trump administration’s plans to shut down a program that shields some 700,000 young undocumented immigrants from deportation, which almost certainly means the court won’t hear the administration’s challenge in its current term.


  7. Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s chief executive, above, plans to integrate the social network’s vast messaging services: WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger.

  The services will continue to operate as stand-alone apps, but their underlying technical infrastructure will be unified, according to four people involved in the effort.

  This could redefine how more than 2.6 billion people use the apps to connect with one another, our technology reporter notes, all while strengthening Facebook’s grip on users and raising antitrust, privacy and security questions.


  8. In the world of entertainment:

  James McAvoy hosted “Saturday Night Live” this week, which featured Steve Martin in a pinstriped suit as Roger Stone.

  Now that the dust has settled from Tuesday’s announcement of Oscar nominees, our columnist examines what we can glean from who made it in and who didn’t.

  And our critic-at-large Wesley Morris talks about the academy’s obsession with racial reconciliation fantasies, from 1989’s “Driving Miss Daisy” to the recent “Green Book” and “The Upside.”


  9. Novak Djokovic defeated Rafael Nadal for his seventh Australian Open championship this morning. It was the latest triumph in a thrilling career revival.

  And Naomi Osaka, above, bested Petra Kvitova in a riveting women’s final on Saturday.

  Her victory in Melbourne, after winning the U.S. Open in September, made Ms. Osaka the first woman since Jennifer Capriati in 2001 to win her first two major titles back to back.

  More into football? The week is going to be a big buildup to Super Bowl LIII, when the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams face off.


  10. Finally, don’t miss our Best Weekend Reads.

  This week, we talk to a laundry specialist who has washed clothes on tour for the likes of Madonna, U2 and Beyoncé; look at how the growing noise in the world’s oceans is threatening wildlife; and examine a culture of discrimination and retaliation at a highly classified Energy Department site in Nevada.

  We also have the tale of Kenneth Griffin, a hedge-fund billionaire who just paid a record 8 million for a penthouse he may rarely live in.

  For more suggestions on what to read, watch and listen to, may we suggest these nine new books our editors liked, a glance at the latest small-screen recommendations from Watching, and our music critics’ latest playlist.

  Have a great week.

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  新加坡开奖结果与香港搅珠结果“【娘】【娘】,【白】【姑】【娘】【在】【殿】【外】【求】【见】!” “【让】【她】【进】【来】【吧】!” 【这】【个】【白】【苏】【已】【经】【时】【日】【不】【多】【了】,【魏】【雪】【乔】【并】【不】【担】【心】【她】【能】【弄】【出】【什】【么】【花】【样】【来】。 【只】【是】【现】【在】【唯】【一】【要】【做】【的】【就】【是】【安】【抚】【住】【她】,【让】【她】【安】【分】【的】【死】【去】,【到】【时】【太】【子】【出】【事】【后】,【便】【可】【来】【个】【死】【无】【对】【证】。 【由】【此】【当】【白】【苏】【进】【来】【的】【时】【候】,【魏】【雪】【乔】【并】【未】【目】【露】【不】【悦】,【反】【而】【装】【作】【一】【副】【温】【柔】【和】【善】【的】【样】【子】。

  【或】【许】【是】【明】【白】【刑】【事】【案】【件】【的】【性】【质】,【杨】【蓉】【在】【带】【他】【们】【去】【见】【两】【位】【老】【人】【的】【路】【上】【说】【了】【很】【多】【东】【西】,【包】【括】【邱】【月】【和】【两】【位】【老】【人】【关】【系】,【他】【们】【的】【家】【庭】【情】【况】,【邱】【月】【的】【工】【作】【等】【等】。 【有】【一】【件】【事】【让】【人】【很】【意】【外】,【邱】【月】【并】【不】【是】【两】【位】【老】【人】【亲】【生】【的】,【两】【位】【老】【人】【本】【来】【有】【个】【儿】【子】,【叫】【邱】【永】【昊】,【但】【在】【二】【十】【多】【岁】【的】【时】【候】【出】【车】【祸】【死】【了】,【于】【是】【他】【们】【夫】【妻】【俩】【就】【又】【去】【孤】【儿】【院】【领】【养】【了】【一】【个】

  【整】【个】【变】【形】【金】【刚】【的】【剧】【情】,【无】【非】【就】【是】【在】【争】【夺】【火】【种】【人】。 【擎】【天】【柱】【一】【面】【之】【词】,【令】【主】【角】【山】【姆】【相】【信】【火】【种】【源】【是】【个】【邪】【恶】【的】【东】【西】,【必】【须】【要】【趁】【早】【毁】【灭】。 【可】【跳】【出】【这】【个】【故】【事】,【以】【齐】【山】【的】【角】【度】【来】【看】,【擎】【天】【柱】【所】【说】【的】【并】【不】【一】【定】【是】【真】。 【他】【们】【毕】【竟】【是】【高】【度】【发】【达】【的】【机】【械】【生】【命】【体】,【一】【个】【文】【明】【能】【够】【发】【展】【起】【来】,【需】【要】【有】【各】【种】【各】【样】【的】【人】【来】【充】【当】【各】【种】【各】【样】【的】【角】【色】

  【正】【当】【念】【儿】【要】【与】【大】【祭】【祀】【打】【斗】【起】【来】,【从】【一】【旁】【灌】【木】【丛】【中】【飞】【出】【一】【个】【灰】【衣】【老】【者】。 【来】【人】【正】【是】【余】【童】【的】【师】【父】,【师】【父】【结】【结】【实】【实】【的】【接】【了】【大】【祭】【祀】【一】【掌】,【两】【人】【缠】【斗】【在】【一】【起】,【并】【大】【声】【对】【余】【童】【和】【念】【儿】【喊】【道】,“【快】【跑】!” “【师】【父】!”【余】【童】【在】【这】【种】【情】【景】【下】【遇】【到】【师】【父】【心】【里】【激】【动】【极】【了】。 “【快】【跑】!”【师】【父】【看】【了】【余】【童】【和】【念】【儿】【一】【眼】,【只】【说】【了】【这】【两】【个】【字】。

  “【呵】【呵】,【平】【民】【低】【贱】,【他】【们】【只】【要】【吃】【饱】【喝】【足】【了】,【就】【会】【马】【上】【满】【足】。【你】【觉】【得】【以】【你】【现】【在】【的】【声】【望】,【他】【们】【会】【相】【信】【你】,【还】【是】【相】【信】【我】?”【领】【袖】【还】【是】【一】【副】【高】【高】【在】【上】【的】【表】【情】,【说】【道】,“【当】【然】,【更】【重】【要】【的】【是】,【武】【帝】【他】【们】【是】【希】【望】【你】【崛】【起】【还】【是】【神】【子】【崛】【起】!” “【简】【单】【的】【说】【吧】,【你】【太】【像】【当】【年】【的】【魔】【帝】【了】,【就】【是】【他】【们】【最】【大】【的】【忌】【惮】!【他】【们】【害】【怕】【你】【像】【当】【年】【的】【魔】【帝】【一】新加坡开奖结果与香港搅珠结果【夏】【笙】【凉】【掀】【开】【帘】【子】,【原】【本】【准】【备】【下】【来】【送】【她】【进】【去】【的】,【此】【刻】【看】【见】【有】【人】【出】【来】【接】,【便】【没】【有】【下】【来】【了】。 【淡】【淡】【的】【道】,“【公】【主】【好】【生】【进】【去】,【本】【殿】【就】【不】【进】【去】【了】。” “【好】,【殿】【下】【慢】【走】。”【宫】【倾】【颜】【咬】【着】【唇】【瓣】【低】【低】【一】【句】,【脸】【还】【是】【红】【的】。 【羞】【愧】【得】。 【夏】【笙】【凉】【放】【下】【了】【帘】【子】,【两】【辆】【马】【车】【又】【哒】【哒】【哒】【的】【行】【走】【在】【了】【寂】【静】【的】【街】【道】【上】。 【宫】【倾】【颜】【站】【在】【那】【里】,

  “【子】【曰】【温】,【故】【而】【知】【新】,【可】【以】【为】【师】【矣】……【三】【人】【行】,【必】【有】【我】【师】,【择】【其】【善】【者】【而】【从】【之】,【其】【不】【善】【者】【而】【改】【之】。” …… “【积】【善】【之】【家】【必】【有】【余】【庆】,【积】【不】【善】【之】【家】【必】【有】【余】【殃】。” …… “【富】【润】【屋】,【德】【润】【身】,【心】【广】【体】【胖】。” …… “【老】【吾】【老】,【以】【己】【之】【人】【老】,【幼】【吾】【幼】,【以】【己】【之】【人】【幼】。” …… “【老】【骥】【伏】【枥】,【志】【在】【千】【里】,【壮】

  “【我】【确】【信】,【你】【坐】【了】【我】【的】【位】【置】……” “【你】【就】【是】【那】【个】【来】【弹】【爵】【士】【音】【乐】【的】【人】?” “【他】【们】【都】【这】【么】【说】【的】,【你】,【就】【是】【那】【个】【只】【会】【在】【船】【上】【弹】【奏】【的】【家】【伙】,【对】【吧】?” “【我】【这】【么】【说】……” 【当】【海】【上】【钢】【琴】【师】【开】【始】【拍】【摄】【的】【时】【候】,【饰】【演】【黑】【人】【钢】【琴】【家】【的】【肯】【尼】【迪】【看】【着】【饰】【演】1900【的】【陆】【远】。 【陆】【远】【伸】【出】【手】,【想】【和】【他】【握】【手】…… 【但】【是】……

  【站】【在】【大】【陆】【的】【最】【高】【峰】,**【望】【着】【这】【个】【曾】【经】【遭】【受】【了】【重】【创】【的】【王】【者】【大】【陆】,【如】【今】【已】【经】【开】【始】【走】【上】【了】【正】【途】【了】,【当】【年】【的】【那】【一】【站】,【黑】【暗】【物】【质】【和】【天】【国】【之】【后】【一】【起】【攻】【入】【王】【者】【大】【陆】,【那】【是】【王】【者】【大】【陆】【最】【黑】【暗】【的】【一】【段】【时】【间】,【王】【者】【大】【陆】【之】【上】【的】【每】【一】【个】【角】【落】【都】【是】【哭】【喊】【之】【声】【和】【杀】【戮】。 【那】【段】【时】【光】【是】【他】【见】【过】【最】【难】【受】【的】【时】【光】,【作】【为】【新】【一】【任】【大】【帝】【的】【梦】【境】【缔】【结】【师】【庄】【周】【在】【洛】

  “【找】【死】!”【察】【觉】【到】【那】【一】【剑】【的】【威】【势】,【赵】【康】【勃】【然】【大】【怒】,【随】【后】【双】【手】【快】【速】【地】【捏】【动】【印】【结】,【口】【中】【骤】【然】【大】【吼】:“【冰】【极】【盾】!” 【在】【他】【这】【句】【话】【落】【下】【后】,【只】【见】【他】【身】【前】【突】【然】【升】【起】【了】【一】【道】【坚】【硬】【的】【冰】【之】【盾】【牌】,【悍】【然】【挡】【在】【了】【那】【森】【光】【湛】【湛】【的】【剑】【芒】【之】【前】。【便】【在】【此】【刻】,【从】【九】【头】【蛇】【魔】【体】【内】【爆】【射】【而】【出】【的】【海】【提】【斯】【脸】【色】【一】【变】,【随】【后】【猛】【然】【一】【个】【后】【空】【翻】,【那】【把】【龙】【锋】【剑】,【却】【是】

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